Belongs to the heavens

A heart is like a barren landCan't become green with the golden handPour some tears of love! Pour some hope for mercy! Your are not close to Divine Lovewhen your head is in the skyYour are close to the One GodWhen you touch your forehead to the ground Love will irrigate the dry soil of... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction #4

Be grateful to Allah for this beautiful gift of life….


Dark Forest

I have tried for days on end, without any luck, to get out of here. She wouldn’t help me, not in the slightest way, she told me it is my problem and that she is happy here. I can’t believe that she doesn’t want to escape from this creepy place, it is unbelievable.  The air here is weird. The trees look like monsters, especially in the dark. Shadows move and follow me around. I swear that I saw a huge snake in the water, but still she decides to take a swim. How she does it is unknown and it freaks me out.

I have found amusement in watching him try to escape from this magical place. Why anyone would ever want to leave this breathtaking forest is inexplicable. I wish to continue to walk barefoot on the grass, on the dirt and mud, to swim in the…

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All Lives Matter

Sky stands gorgeousBoth in light and darkIf fairness is due to sunThen, breathtaking contrastIs carved by the starsNo racismNo infiriorityNo superiorityThe sun delights the oceanWith glazing red sparksMoon beautifies the desertsEnvelopes it's vastness in her glory But, how we human live on earth?Shame! And shameness has befallen usDifferentiating between black and whiteNot realising the beauty... Continue Reading →

I am women…

Extraordinary words with extraordinary power!!


I am women I am an ocean

Concealing beauty of pearls,
Beholding the integrity of generations,
Driven by wildly winds,
Showered by forces from moon and skies.

If you try to walk on me,
My depths will curse you to death,
If you swim inside the cradle of my love,
I will proffer the world of placidity,
For your coming generations to prosper.

I am women with mightiness of ocean,
I am reflection of celestials,
I am medium of innocent and pretty souls,
I store the infinite reserves of love,
I accompany the heavens of tranquility

On the vast shores of my beautiful existence,
The castles of your desires are not long lasting,
I am not place for rowing paper boats,
My energies are not eclipsed to you,
But my vastness is out of your sight.

Don’t mock on caravans of my waves ,
My spirits…

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