1I can see thesmokeless burning lipsYou have pain, yet you smileYou suffered, yet you standYour heart is a painting of a gardenYou mastered the art of loveLet me come! Let me come! 2Love is not forgetful rather lasting foreverLike the shining sun and glowing moonLove is a sword of a warrior destined for gloryInk of... Continue Reading →

— People of mystery

To whom are you showing ur arroganceYour life is just a breeze which passes byWhich brings life to many and smiles on facesAnd then still and hard like dead leavesSilently crumbling noise it makes and doesn’t know how to groanOver a distance people talk about youReplenishing your tasteful soul, woes they makes too. — People of... Continue Reading →

Old Vs Us

Empathy in old onesNow, rare to find Their tounges utter prayersOurs have lost honey Then, it was homeNow, we have housesHuge, beautiful but empty They were having tree shadow to sitFolk song to hitSpices everywhereWith a flavour of love We have wallsCursed screens to fallTired minds, tired eyesBlanket of loneliness Their eyes perceived emotionsWe have... Continue Reading →


You grew older and forgetThe unconditional love of your motherNever keeping upon you any deptNever would you find this from anotherNever think that you could repayEven if you try untill hair would get greyShe has the most kindest heart for youIf there is anyone besides her, tell me who?You don't remember your infancyThat's why you... Continue Reading →


I have embraced the silenceHave no reasonsHave no answersI am fine with its presenceIt is the poet's beautiful eulogyThe saints divine mediumThe love of a hermit for peaceThe jewel of a broken heartThe language of tears in solitudeThe sign of solidarityIt is what makes meTo meet myselfTo feel my soulTo see the unseenTo loveTo prayTo... Continue Reading →

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