I capture your tears like the melting wax of a burning candleI wish to blow it off and make those memories remain darkFor the sake of God, don't burn your heartBeautiful are dark eyes, let them remain dark Heydays will again hit the life's clock and,Life will radiate it's beautiful moments all aroundWe will sing... Continue Reading →

Again, I Write Love

Love has emotions bounded to the heavenAnd the heart calms, the eyes are lostIn search of beloved, already in the heartHow deep it is, when immersed in oceanSee the truth, reflected by the two brookesWhich never cross, and flow down the face Love has words bounded to the agesTime tells the tales, reminders of sagesWars... Continue Reading →


Ah, fake worldly life!Don't snatch my divine pathLike separating flower from a beeLeaving nothing to burgeon Where would I walk with my loneliness?I don't find in your crowds,my happiness!Why you show me false dreams?To shatter them!Like growing a plantwithout a stem I loose!My inner councious voices in your troupesI have to walk along the deserted... Continue Reading →


Trapped in a bubble, you claim it worldIt has fugacious youth, you claim eternityWalls so fragile, you claim it fortVulnerable to burst, you claim authority Ah, life!You are beautiful, not foreverNone remained with youAnd you remained with noneWhat is your real face?What is your chase?I am in a dilemmaWhether, You answer the question!Or, You question... Continue Reading →

Treasures of Patience

O Allah!Make me tolerantFor the harsh words I will hearFor the trials that I will go throughBeautify my lifeWith the beautiful deedsThat I could doOnly through your mercy O Allah!Widen my heartTo loveTo forgive and seek forgivenessSave me from the fire of angerCurse of hatredGive me abilitiesTo help and support O Allah!You know the secrets... Continue Reading →

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